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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

iPad Tray African Masks

When our school received 30 iPads they had recently purchased, I found the computer teacher unpacking the boxes.  As he pulled each one from it's sleeve, they were resting in a black cardboard tray that immediately caught my eye.  I asked if I could have them, and of course my wish was granted.  I instantly saw African masks in these trays, and an art project was born.  
Using donated mat board scraps, metallic markers, white prismacolor pencils, feathers and glue, we transformed these trays into fantastic tribal art.  I showed the students a PPT on African Masks I created, and we discussed this ancient art form and saw many visual examples before we began.  I explained that their masks needed to have symmetry, using geometric shapes and lines as much as possible, and since giving students a starting point is usually good idea, I suggested they begin with the eyes.  We talked about the different shapes of eyes they could make, then moved on down to the nose and mouth.  Once they had the basic features in place on the mask, they could add all the fun details.  
The students really got into decorating their masks.  Other decorations that could be used would be; assorted colored beans, beads, sticks, raffia, and any nature findings that would work in the design of the mask.  I only wish we had received more than 30 iPads so that more classes could have made these!

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  1. What a great idea to re-purpose the Ipad case. They look stunning.