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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1st Grade Paper Sculptures


     Students love making paper sculptures!  They thoroughly enjoy cutting, folding, bending, twisting, tearing and gluing paper.  Paper sculptures are one of my favorite projects to do with my younger students.  It is not intimidating to work with paper, like say, it is to try and draw a person or an animal.  You can't make any mistakes here, really.  It is just freeform imagination at its best!  Plus, you get to put to use all of those scraps of paper you've been saving all year long.  
    There are so many different ways to make a paper sculpture, this is only one.  It is abstract and fun!  First, I begin with showing students a Power Point on Sculpture.  This familiarizes them with the terms and concepts involved in making 3D art.   Then, we make a base for our sculpture by folding a 12" x 18" piece of paper into 4 th's, that the students have colored lines, shapes and designs on with crayons.  Glue the two ends of the paper together as they overlap, to make a tall, triangular base for your sculpture.  You can cut out notches in the sides to invert for an interesting design on the edges.  Last, show the students all the different ways they can manipulate the paper by folding and cutting and tearing and twisting.  Students can glue each piece onto their base in any way they want.  The results are so much fun and it is an hour well spent in the life of a child! 

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