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Friday, October 15, 2010

Symmetrical Insects

Teacher Example

First graders learned about insects and their body parts in art.  We talked about how an insects body is the same on both sides and the word for that is symmetry.  Then we drew half of our insects' body on a long, folded sheet of paper along the creased edge.  The students traced their pencil lines with black crayon and folded the blank side of their paper on top of their drawing.  They printed their black lines on the other side of their paper by rubbing over their folded paper with a craft stick.  Students then traced over their printed lines again with black crayon.  Now they were ready to decorate their insects with bright, colorful patterns!  They colored in the head, thorax and abdomen, then cut out their insects' body.  Each student made a decorated paper to glue their insects on, drew in the antennae, mouthparts and legs, created wings and glued them on, and added googly eyes and pom poms to end of their antennaes for the final touch.  The students had so much fun creating their insects!  They did a fantastic job! Here are some examples:


  1. I just love looking at your blog and all of the beautiful art work. You do amazing work with these kids!!

  2. Thanks Katie!!! I can't wait to put our NBE artwork on here! I'm so glad you checked out my blog... it's been a lot of fun to do. I'm looking forward to seeing you and your kids! :)